Tetras  Capital  is  a  New  York  City  based  hedge  fund  focused  on  the  emerging  and  rapidly  evolving  blockchain and crypto  asset  class.  Since  the  advent  of  bitcoin  in 2009,  we  have  witnessed  a  Cambrian  explosion  of  new  cryptocurrencies,  digital  assets,  and  decentralized  technologies,  poised  to  disrupt  nearly  every  facet  of  the  world’s  existing  financial,  technological,  and  social  infrastructure. The Tetras team actively manages a diverse portfolio of crypto assets with an interest in strong teams, infrastructure layer projects, fundamental token value, and unique early stage deals. Rather than a focus or mandate on one specific sector or stage of the blockchain ecosystem, Tetras operates a flexible fund strategy, vetting opportunities across established, liquid markets as well as idea stage deals. The investment and decision making process leverages the full Tetras team, from the founding partners’ experience in investment banking and portfolio management to the technical advisors’ industry expertise.